Injection Molding Services

Our manufacturing facility is proud to offer a variety of injection molding services, led by our team of experienced operators.

Hot Runner Systems

From building to production, Atlas Precision has hands on knowledge of hot runner systems


We work with Commodity and Engineering grades of polymers.  If you have a custom polymer compound or need help designing one to fit your needs we can help.

Over Molding

Over molding soft TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethanes) polymers onto harder resins or inserting over molding

Vision Systems

We teamed up with several vision system companies to offer high end vision inspection stations that can be used to offer astounding quality control.

Robot automationautomation-injection-molding-services-atlas-precision-asheville-nc

With the use of automation we can offer very competitive pricing while using more consistent process

Color Spectrometer

Color matching with an onsite color spectrometer to insure the best possible product for your business.

Material Blending

We can mix up to six different additives, polymers, and regrinds at a consistent rate.  With large material users or crucial automotive resins these tools help ensure proper consistence of the resins.


Onsite assembly with either an automation or manual processes.

Custom Packaging

We work with many packaging experts to ensure your products ship safely. We can ship to your location or straight to market depending on your needs.

More Products and Services

Atlas Precision Plastics offers a variety of products and services.  We can assist you from product design to mold flow and packaging.