Healthcare Injection Molding Services

From tool design and production, Atlas Precision is a value supplier to the healthcare industry. With customers such as St. Jude and Johnson & Johnson, we are proud to offer quality medical products that aid in the quality and assurance of your medical needs. Our management team has a vast background in the medical device industry. This, along with the knowledge of our staff in tool design and our robust processes, we ensure our customer’s needs are met.  Our skilled, quality staff ensures that our healthcare products are produced to the highest standards.

healthcare plastic injection molding, Atlas Precision Plastics, Inc

Plastic injection molding offers a practical solution for the mass volume needed of healthcare parts and components, and the healthcare industry frequently uses plastic injection molding for their intricate designs.  The techniques used in plastic injection molding also meets the necessary, high-quality standards of medical cleanliness that is required.  Medical plastic molding has transformed the healthcare industry by producing equipment that is safe, sterile, and disposable and thereby reducing medical costs and providing greater patient care.

Components produced in medical injection molding offer resistance to contaminants and cleaning chemicals, strength, heat resistance, and economies of scale for large production runs.  Sterilization is extremely important to patient healthcare and preventing the spread of disease.  In the past, healthcare facilities were forced to reuse equipment, increasing the risk of items being contaminated.  While stainless steel equipment must be cleaned and sanitized after each use, plastics can be used once and properly disposed of, resulting in medical settings being much more safer and much less likely to spread disease.  With the introduction of components made from plastic molding, this has significantly improved the industry’s ability to maintain sterile environments.  Because of the low cost of plastic manufacturing, it is by far the most economical option.  These advantages make medical injection molding the most suitable process for creating cost-effective, high-use, high-quality, and sterile medical supplies.

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