Injection Molding Equipment List and Capabilities

Atlas Precision Plastics, Inc. maintains state-of-the-art plastic injection equipment to support molding systems.

South Bay

  • 3-110-ton .95-ounce Roboshot
  • 5-110-ton 1.95-ounce Roboshot
  • 5-110-ton 3.42-ounce Roboshot
  • 1-220-ton 4.87-ounce Nissei
  • 3-80-ton 3.4-ounce Nissei
  • 1-150-ton 6.6-ounce Roboshot
  • 1-150-ton 68.1-ounce Toshiba
  • 1-310-ton 30-ounce Toshiba
  • 1-165-ton 1.95-ounce Roboshot
  • 1-165-ton 3.42-ounce Roboshot
  • 1-110-ton 4.87-ounce Roboshot

North Bay

  • 1-120-ton 5.3-ounce Toshiba
  • 1-120-ton 6.6-ounce Roboshot
  • 3-20-ton 0.53-ounce Nissei
  • 1-360-ton 37.5-ounce Nissei
  • 1-165-ton 1.95-ounce Roboshot
  • 1-165-ton 4.01-ounce Roboshot
  • 1-165-ton 8.9-ounce Roboshot

More Products and Services

Atlas Precision Plastics offers a variety of products and services.  We can assist you from product design to mold flow and packaging.