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Machine Operator


Are you looking for something new? Atlas Precision’s mission is to be the family that makes a difference, so if you would like to see a difference in your future we invite you consider coming to work with us. Our core values include a strong work ethic and a strong sense of family and caring, so if those things are important to you too it might just feel like home to you here.

Job Summary: The primary job function is the ongoing visual inspection for defects and packaging the product from presses during production. This job is vital to the success of the company; the operator is the first line of defense against quality defects. This position is considered non-exempt from the overtime provision of the FLSA.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • -Check the packaging instructions and set up the correct box and bag. Place the specified amounts into box.
  • -Count or perform weigh-counts to verify quantity. Neatly sign and place label on boxes as needed.
  • – Perform pour-ups on automatic machines. Fully inspect one shot from the mold prior to packing parts. Remove all runners, strings and loose plastic prior to packaging.. Do not let collection bins overfill.
  • -Perform inspection of each part being packed on manual machines. Label parts if required.
  • -Grind runners as needed.
  • -Record scrap hourly on the Operator Daily Scrap and Labor Report. Inform supervisor if scrap rate is high.
  • -Insert disk, pins or inserts into the mold in the correct fashion if overmold is required.
  • -Complete any secondary operations such as 62-way assembly, trimming, sonic welding and pad printing as needed.
  • -Respond to press alarms or malfunctions immediately and segregate the suspect product that is
    produced during these occurrences and 100% inspect for defects.

  • -Notify the shift supervisor and Quality Representative of alarms, press malfunctions, and any suspected part
    nonconformance after isolation procedures have been accomplished.

  • -Complete the production totals on the Operator Daily Scrap Report and on the Shop Order Sheet.
  • -Sorting product when assigned to do so. Record scrap on Sort Result form.
  • -Maintain a clean and orderly work area
  • -Complete all work in a safe manner and in accordance with ISO9001 and other Atlas Precision standards.

    Additional Duties and Responsibilities:
    -Other duties and responsibilities as assigned by the Shift Supervisor

    Location: Arden, NC
    Job Type: Full-time


    Required Qualifications:

  • -Ability to perform basic math
  • -Ability to work in a team environment with minimum direct supervision
  • -Ability to work overtime and weekends as needed
  • -Ability to stand 100 percent of the day
  • -Ability to lift and maneuver 50 pounds
  • -Ability to distinguish obvious disparity between product color and color samples

    Desired Qualifications

  • -Ability to interpret customer specifications
  • -Ability to use various gages and fixtures

    Equal Opportunity Employer

    Competitive Pay and Benefits Package

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